Annapurna Himalayan Trek Experience from Pokhara
Annapurna Himalayan Trek Experience from Pokhara

Annapurna Himalayan Trek Experience from Pokhara

There are Annapurna I (one) II (two) and many look great this morning. And we go down to the bottom of those mountain peaks, Hoo-hoo, I’m so excited to get there, I’m a little worried about trekking, I have 10kg and 7kg camera equipment on my back, So for the next nine days I will lose 17kg. This is the first day of hiking in Annapurna, Yesterday we headed out to Pokhara and we had some time yesterday afternoon And in the evening, go around Pokhara and dine at the meat-eating restaurant.
 I eat as much as I can while trekking, and I think the meat supply is down The bag is ready to go, and it is lightweight, as it lacks camera equipment. The temperature is pleasant at this altitude this morning. We are at 800 meters, I think it is 800 meters in Pokhara, So it was cold last night for the long sleeves Now it’s sweet and delicious, hopefully, but I’m already cooking in it I keep the neck warm to keep my neck warm. 
I don’t have a hat for the sun But then I also got warm hat and gloves when it was warm. First, I think … oh I’m talking about Pokhara I’m sorry I’m so excited and distracted here. So yesterday, the bus arrived here, a very long bus ride The road was not in very good condition, so it was slow; But I think it’s a good six to seven hours, Jogging along the single track, the mountain road is being repaired. And for brakes and such, I got an extra power nap or two and three. 
We went down to the hotel and checked into the hotel. Went to see the lake, it was really beautiful. If I haven’t shown you the footage before, Here are some shots of Pokhara Lake during sunset. When I say sunset, this is no ordinary sunset, because there are mountains here I mean, if the sun goes down below the horizon at 5:30 p.m. 
The sun leaves the lake at 4:30 or so due to the large mountains But it was still pretty in the lake, and then got something to go and eat, well stocked I think I told you, yes everybody ate it Good night sleep, so that I am ready this morning, And I’m ready to go, very excited, ready to go. Now, I hope this excitement comes true throughout the journey. Let us go back to what we are doing now. 
I removed everything and stayed at another hotel in Kathmandu I don’t have to take everything with me. Get energy snacks on the way, some water for yourself, hats, gloves

and I hope I got it all, including all my batteries are rebuilding, packaging everything and so on
hopefully I have full batteries with a mirror less camera but it consumes them.
So I’m going to put one battery aside,that I will not touch it until the last day when I am at the highest levels .

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