Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Well we are finally here, we are back in Nepal, and we are about to embark on our longest trail, and the most exciting journey we have ever made  We are here in Arughat and we start the Manelelu tour today we will be joining the Annapurna Cycle group, and finally go to Upper Mustang finishing in Jomson and  flying back in Pokhara 40 days later We went to Soti Khola, it is 4 hours from where we started today it was a very easy way, bhat lunch I  will be taking a shower, Kim already has hers and we will just rest and rest for day 2 today, we are on our way to Machhakhola There is a  bus that should be 5 hours Approximately 5 hours.  It’s 5 hours, I like the sound of it being 3 days, from Machhakhola to Jagat today It’s about 16km, it should take us about 7 hours It’s the  first day we’re going to take the road instead of the road so it should be fun and very nice hello.  Tomorrow 4 today, from Jagat to Dyang Did you say that?

  Dyang Dyang Check out this look behind us!  Who doesn’t love a window like this, we saw a monkey outside, however, it’s time for him to get back on the train and head for Dyang yeah, a  It’s eh .. rustic That’s burning a calf. Whoo!  Day 5 on our route from Dyang to Ghap There has been a lot of climbing so far today it was not long to get sweaty but only 4  to 5 hours today, a shorter day compared to the last 2 days longing to get there and rest day to relax, bathe, drink tea all these things Day 6  we are on our way to Lhogaun today It is about 13km and we are going up about 900m Hello.  Day 7 for us on our way to Samagaun today We will spend a lot of night at the top where we are making it 3500m and need to  be welcomed before we can get over the 5100m pass or something 5200 … Is that right?

 It’s much higher than I thought About 4 hours of travel today maybe 5 with pictures, you know there’s going to be an amazing view so I think we’re  I’m so sorry for my hair, I haven’t been able to wash for a few days, I know it’s mingin We brought back the Trail Dog.  Yessss We just arrived in Samagaun This beautiful place we love and we arrived before lunch which is very nice However, we have time for a meal There is  no surprise where twice a day every day of the day and evening every day we will see if we can keep it until I always like it.

 Morning Day 8 for us and it’s our rest day today here in Samagaun outside, we don’t get any rest we’ll walk a bit to the monastery so we  walk about 400m up Yeah, a bit acclimatization no big bag today Hopefully, we can go to that coffee shop when we get back back and I’m sure we can  And we have some really good mountain views and today we wake up with a wonderful Christmas view of Christmas a real mountain view, let’s go!

 And now you have added me so many clips to edit Ugggghh, I need dal bhat Good Night. Night.  It’s too cold for Kim I can feel my fingers Day 9 today from Samagaun to Samdo it’s just a long way off, maybe 3, 4 hours high we  go up about 150m later today we’ll do acclimatization Go maybe 100, 150m up back down just to get used to the height it was very cold this morning but,  the sun came out things warmed the time to open the hat Welcome to our room I will take this bed we came to Samdo it took us only 

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