Humla Limi Valley Trek
Humla Limi Valley Trek

Humla Limi Valley Trek

Humla Limi Valley Trek: The  Limi Valley trek is the last area of the wilderness of the Humla district of Nepal. It is an isolated valley stretching from the borders of Nepal

The Limi Valley campaign is the last attempt in Nepal’s offensive district.
It is a separate valley from the borders of Nepal and Tibet.
It is considered one of the few places in the world where the true act of anonymity is unknown.
The journey to the Lim Valley begins by air from Nepalganj to Simot, and from Simmot, the administrative center of Hamla.
Pedestrians can enjoy year-round walking and religious routes.
If visiting the borders of China and Nepal, they can see views of Mount Kailash, Mount Saipal, Mount Mendoon and Ghur-La Honor.
There are natural waterfalls, new waterfalls and dense forests along the way.
Marmot, wolf, wild yak, blue sheep, wild donkey, ash and black Himalayan beer are the animals that live in the area.
Occasionally, endangered mammals such as blue sheep and snow leopards can be seen in this exotic area.
Upon reaching the Limbo Valley, because of their boundaries, the natives are of Tibetan origin and have different beliefs, customs and customs.
Their source of income is cattle and, in some cases, the goods business.
You will remember that the culture here is well preserved.
At a height of 5 meters, you can see a panoramic view of the Himalayan range of Nepal Himalayan Saran, Kanjirwa, Light, Gorakh and Snow.
We take the Kharpunath Travels Aid Tour as one of our great journeys.
Even today, the Nepal government limits permits and special funds to protect the ecosystem.
Despite the difficulty of obtaining a permit, everything is worth it because the Lime Valley is nowhere else on the planet, as it proves to be very Daredevils.

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